Joe Mason
President, PSV


Welcome in advance to the fall meeting of the Psychiatric Society of Virginia - "Disruption: Managing in a World of Chaos." The political turmoil in the country and the entire world provides a backdrop for this conference, which intends to delve into the psychological effects of uncertainty and trauma as well as providing guidance into coping for us and our patients. The conference will be October 27-28 at the Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center and we're excited to be back in the Tidewater area.

The meeting will begin with a four hour workshop on Friday from 1:00 - 5:00 pm on Integrated Care given by the APA. The PSV board will meet from 4:00 - 6:00 pm followed by a reception with local legislators and dignitaries. On Saturday, breakfast and committee meetings will start at 7:00 am; this is a great chance to get involved with the society by sitting in with any of the various groups, including legislation, ethics, the PSV foundation, and membership. 

Following opening remarks, we'll start off with Dr. Norman Camp giving a talk on "Bio/Psycho/Social Variables Underlying the High Prevalence of PTSD in Vietnam Vets."  Dr. Ananda Pandurangi follows with a talk on "Yoga: An Ancient Approach to Mind Stabilization with Contemporary Appeal." Dr. Pandurangi wrote a brief history of yoga for a recent green journal and he will expand on the subject while assisting us in finding tranquility in our lives and in our practices. During the morning break, we will have poster presentations by the residents and students from EVMS, VCU, UVA and Carilion. The morning session will wrap up with Andy Thomson's presentation "A Room So Quiet and Empty, It Hurts: Reassessing Suicide Risk Assessment." Though the subject is a sobering one, Andy always edifies and entertains and the material is essential.

Following the business meeting and lunch, the afternoon session will include "Building Resiliency: Implementing Trauma-Informed Care Practices" by Varun Choudhary (PSV past president) and Allison Jackson. This will inform us about how we keep our wits about us while others are losing theirs. Next, Col. David Benedek, MD will speak on "Suicide Risk and Protective Factors in the Military: Update from the Army STAARS Program." We are honored to have Dr. Benedek from the Uniformed Services training program. Sherry Todd will then provide a talk on "The Role of Traumatic Stress and Hope" and we will then finish up with a panel discussion among the distinguished group of speakers.

It promises to be a great program and we're looking forward to an excellent turnout. This past spring meeting was well-attended and really was enjoyed by all who came. Please join us in October at the beach!


Joe Mason, President, PSV




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