Join us in Richmond for the PSV 2018 Spring Meeting!

Meredith Lee, DOMeredith Lee, DO
President-Elect, PSV

Dear Colleagues:

I would like to personally invite you to our Spring Meeting on March 9-10, 2018 at The Hilton Downtown in Richmond.  I am very pleased to announce our program theme this year:  Psychiatry through the Lifespan.  As a geriatric psychiatrist, I wanted to incorporate a lecture on the mental healthcare of older adults.  But don’t worry, there will be speakers and topics that appeal to a broad audience.  We have a terrific group of speakers lined up who will discuss various topics that relate to mental health at various stages of the lifespan.  Here is a brief summary of the presentations that we have scheduled:

  • Dr. Anita Clayton from UVA will discuss how the effect of hormonal changes in females through the lifespan may affect mental health in her presentation entitled “Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction Across the Lifecycle”.
  • Dr. Keyhill Sheorn from VCU will use her knowledge of psychoanalytic concepts and psychodynamic theory to help the audience understand “Psychodynamic Developmental Theories and Stages and How They May Guide Formulation and Treatment”.
  • Dr. Steven Rubin is visiting all the way from Reno, Nevada to discuss what he describes as “Gerolescence: The Geriatric Adolescence”.
  • Dr. Bela Sood from VCU will speak about the mental health of youth in transition from childhood/adolescence to early adulthood in her presentation entitled “Born to be Wild or Disruptive Innovator:  Youth in Transition and Mental Health Correlates”.
  • Dr. Ken Brasfield, a psychopharmacologist from Western State Hospital, will be discussing pearls of prescribing medications at different phases in the lifespan.
  • Dr. Peter Buckley from VCU will be moderating a panel discussion with several of the speakers listed above.

I am very excited about our Spring Meeting program and I hope you can join us in Richmond!  Be sure to arrive on Friday evening to attend the reception with area legislators.  I hope to see you in March and look forward to hearing presentations from this wonderful panel of speakers.


Meredith Lee, DO
President-Elect, PSV




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